Lloyd Walker David was President of the United States from 2041 to 2045. A Democrat, David had previously served as US Senator from New York for 6 years and as a Congressman from new York's 7th Congressional District for 4 years. After finishing up the last of his first term in the US Senate, David, ran for President against the incumbent, Neil O'Connell. David and his running-mate, Senator Shelley Winston of Indiana, easily defeated Neil O'Connell and his running-mate, Vice President Tuck Braiden. In 2044, David announced a run for re-election where he easily won the Democratic Primary but was defeated in the General Election by former Secretary of State, Harold Neman. David tried to run for President again in 2048 where he narrowly won the Democratic Primary, defeating Rep. Gregory Tuff and Mayor Thomas Frederick of Chicago, but had a hard time in the General Election, narrowly losing to the daughter of Former President George Lansings, Senator Taylor Lansings of Ohio. Lloyd David was born in the year 2000 in Springfield, Illinois and married Vivian Castle in 2022. Vivian and Lloyd have one daughter, Abigail, who was born in 2024.